Using images to make the most of your 140 characters in Twitter

twitter images

The wonder of images!

Not only do images generate more interest, likes and retweets than plain text tweets, but you can use the image to add information that you simply can’t fit into a 140 character limit on twitter. As long as the rest of your tweet contains the keywords you want to be found for (and makes sense!) you can add the extra information to the image.

So all you have to think about is, as a retail business marketing on social media, what can you post about.

Well there has been a study by the New York Times Customer Insight Group which has defined the top 5 reasons that motivate people to share content:

  • To inform and influence – to encourage action or change opinion
  • To demonstrate personality – show what you care about and reinforce their image
  • To connect with others – to keep in touch with those they would likely lose contact with
  • To feel valuable – to feel more involved in the world
  • To show support – to causes or issues

Baring those motivators in mind here are 10 image suggestions that you can post and see what works best for you, for your industry and your audience.

Quotes. Yaaaawn!  Yes we’ve seen them all before, text overlaid on a classic motivational stock photo. But what about customer quotes, over images of your product? See, there is life in quotes yet.

How to’s. Simple quick tips overlaid on a relevant image are helpful and very sharable. Think infographics and then simplify.

Amusing. You know how quickly a funny photo can go viral, if you see something amusing on your High Street, a local character, post that for your local audience to enjoy.

Note: No matter how funny/interesting/awesome the image, always check your spelling.

Giveaway. Instead of just posting a discount code add it to an image that demonstrates what the offer is. It could be a product or a service.

Inspire. Have you got a new product in stock? Show your customers how it fits into their lives or be styled to suit them.

Desk. Prove you are a human being and give a little away about your personality, without being over familiar of course. Show your desk and what you are planning and working on for your customer’s future benefit.

Facts. Share your expertise about your industry with your audience. A “Did you know…” fact on a relevant image.

Support. Are your products fair trade, sustainable, recyclable, renewable? Show how in an image.

Celebrate. Has your business reached a milestone or celebrated an award or anniversary? Tell your audience who will no doubt congratulate you. It could be as simple as a staff member’s birthday, or joining in with a relevant National Awareness Day.

Note: Get the person who is celebrating to smile – works even better.

Ask a question? Ask a question and then post the results as an image. Tea or coffee? Bourbon or custard cream? Gold or silver?

Now you have the inspiration, head over to our post about how retailers can create great social media images.

Tag Retail Post, we love to see great social media in action!