Ditch the magnolia and add colour to your social media content

Social media, like anything else, is full of contradictions. I tell you to post regularly and consistently but now I’m going to tell you not to post.

The reason is very simple. If you can’t think of anything engaging to post, and it doesn’t meet any of your social media objectives like promoting word of mouth, or building brand awareness, then what is the point in posting it at all? Blah blah vanilla social media content will not attract a fan to start following you; it will not build your credibility or expertise positioning; it will not attract engagement. The risk is it could actually undermine the positive steps you have been achieving.

How confident are you about your keywords?

Some social media tools will offer you efficient ways to save time curating content for your accounts. You add keywords to a search tool, and it will gather content for you. Some tools even post it for you automatically. But that content may not be fresh and it may have already been posted by your competitors. Not to mention that is may be so generic that it’s not of interest to your niche market.

You must be very specific and sure of your keywords too. Nothing worse than your social media management tool posting something inappropriate because of a lazy keyword choice.


Is your content boring?

If it feels generic, it probably is, and will be just like a wall of magnolia in your follower’s news feed. Nothing wrong with magnolia of course. It has it’s time and place and can create a great backdrop to a stunning art collection creating an impact for your visitors. A generic post will have a time and place as long as it is just the background, and around it you post your most creative and insightful posts. You are much better off spending time posting great quality content targeted for your customer and posting less often, than just continuing to post boring post after boring post and ticking the box.

As yet, there is no tool available that can do it as well as you (or a dedicated, well briefed, competent social media manager). So skip the magnolia and dip into a colour palette that has been specifically created with your audience in mind.

If you would like any help choosing your colour palette, you know where I am.