What to post on social media when you don’t know what to post on social media

November 2018 edition

When you are stuck for content, our list of social media post ideas and awareness days for November 2018 will keep your social media marketing flowing.

What to post on social media november 2018

Question: What’s the Number one problem we hear when it comes to social media marketing?

Answer: “I don’t know what to post!”

We get it; Writer’s block happens to the best of us, especially when you have a million other things going on in your business. Sometimes, creativity just doesn’t ‘flow’.

If that is happening to you there are a couple of things that we suggest.

  • Do something different. If you keep hitting a blank wall doing what you normally do, do something different, go somewhere different, read something different, talk to someone different. Inspiration can come at any moment but you have to be open to it.
  • Check out the competition. What are your competitors doing to attract attention at the moment? We are NOT saying copy them because that’s not ethical. We are saying be inspired by what they are doing. Go to the explore button on Twitter and Instagram and see what posts are attracting the most attention.
  • Ask your audience. If you can’t think what your audience would want to read or see, ask them. Use polls, graphics, images, film a quick video or just ask using plain text and you’ll be amazed at what they come back with.
  • Use a social media calendar of prompts (*cough) like this one 👇

Social Media post ideas for November 2018

Nov 2018
World Vegan Day;
Men Make Dinner Day
Fountain Pen Day;
Devilled Egg Day
National Sandwich Day
Use Your Common-sense Day;
Roast Dinner Day
Bonfire Night;
Love Your Red Hair Day
Saxophone DayNational Stress Awareness Day;
Hug a Bear Day
National Cappuccino Day;
Cook Something Bold Day
British Pudding DayRemembrance Day
Armistice Day;
Origami Day
Anti-Bullying Week;
Sugar Awareness Week
World Kindness DayWorld Diabetes DayClean Your Fridge DayNational Button DayGuinness World Record Day; Homemade Bread Day
Children In Need Appeal;
Mickey Mouse Birthday
Road Safety Week;
International Men’s Day
Universal Children’s Day;
Name your PC Day
World Hello Day;
National Gingerbread Day
ThanksgivingBuy Nothing Day;
Black Friday
Small Business Saturday;
Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day
Stir-up SundayCyber Monday;
Cake Day
National Tree Week;
Giving Tuesday
French Toast DayElectronic Greetings DaySt Andrew’s Day

We’ve created a quick list to help inspire your content for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts. Obviously, you all have very different businesses targeting different audiences so hands up, some of these will not be relevant to your audience and we admit, some are even a bit ‘left field’ but don’t dismiss them just yet…

Remember our #1 rule: Social media marketing isn’t about selling, it is about being helpful, inspiring, entertaining and memorable for your audience.

With that in mind, there might just be something on the list that IS just what your audience wants to see even if they didn’t realise it!

Here are a few examples:


Movember (Men’s health month)

If you’re male, have male employees or have male clients (so that’s all of you, right?), then mentioning Movember in your social media marketing probably IS relevant and appropriate as long as you maintain your brand tone of voice.

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)

Do you sell stationery? Do you have a coffee shop? Perhaps you have an aspiring writer in your team? Here is an opportunity to promote a product, create a community around your space or humanise your brand through your team.

clean your fridge day

Clean your Fridge Day (November 15th)

Do you have a kitchen on your business premises? What do the contents of your fridge tell us about your team? Are you eco-warriors? What eco-cleaning products do you use to clean your fridge? If you sell fashion, what was ‘on trend’ the last time you cleaned your fridge?!

Don’t be scared to poke fun at yourself, because remember, there’s no such thing as bad PR.

Being ‘human’ is the best way to let your audience see the real you (and they’re more likely to want to engage). It may sound corny, but it’s true: People buy from people.

Get Planning

To save time over the month, take this list, plan what content you want to share and get ahead of the game and schedule some of it in advance. In the space of an hour or two, you will have a month’s content planned, produced and scheduled leaving you to get on with running your business.

The only thing we are bound to say is to keep an eye on your accounts and be sure to respond to replies and reactions as they happen. Social media is a platform for conversation not for broadcasting.

Do you have your eye on any national awareness days that aren’t mentioned here? There are plenty to choose from and if that isn’t enough to fuel your social media machine you can also explore onthisday.com which gives you plenty of scope for celebrating important dates in history that could be perfect for your audience.

Is there an awareness day that you want to really shout about? Let us know by tagging us, messaging us or mentioning us and we will give it a boost through our social media accounts too.

Is Effective Social Media Marketing On Your Christmas Wish List?


OK, we’re going to mention THE C WORD… CHRISTMAS!    

Have you thought about how your business is going to promote its Christmas offering through social media yet?

If you haven’t, STOP AND READ THIS!

We’re entering the noisiest part of the year for promotional and marketing activity, so you need to start planning your social media marketing NOW if you want to cut through the Christmas noise and plant your brand in the minds of your customers.

Great social media marketing is about INSPIRING rather than selling.

It’s about earning the trust of your customers by creating content that’s engaging, informative and entertaining.

The ‘hard sell’ simply doesn’t work if you want to have integrity and longevity with your customer base.

christmas social media ideas

Our Top tips for effective Social Media Marketing this Christmas:

  • Plan ahead: write your content in advance to ensure that it supports your core marketing messages
  • Post consistently: schedule your content ahead of time, so that your followers get regular posts (rather than a flurry of them when you happen to be on your phone)
  • Decide on frequency: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter benefit from different amounts of content.
  • Build in time for engagement: ‘like’ others posts & respond to/acknowledge comments on your posts (people DO notice)
  • Do some “Social listening” look for key words that relate to your product & respond accordingly. It could put you ahead of the competition.

If you’re a retailer, for example, you might want to create posts about:

  • Your Christmas range (with a few hints about what’s included)
  • How to wrap gifts (sharing a tutorial from another account is fine).
  • Christmas day hosting tips & tricks
  • Partywear inspiration
  • Christmas funnies (if they relate to your product or brand)

Christmas social media gift wrapped

Still not sure about what to post?

Why not give us your email address (& subscribe to our emails) and we’ll send you our FREE Social Media content planner.

If you’ve still got questions, we can go deeper and help you on a 1-2-1 level.

We can SHOW YOU how to:

  • Create effective content (that’s inspiring)
  • Schedule that content (so you’re ahead of the game)
  • Run an effective Facebook Ad Campaign (so you don’t waste precious budget)
  • Utilise keywords properly (so that you’re hitting all the right SEO notes)

So if effective social media marketing is on your Christmas wish-list GET IN TOUCH WITH US (sooner rather than later).


Santa’s little (Social Media) helpers!