What to post on social media – December 2018 Edition

Stuck for content ideas for December 2018?

Understandable! So much of the content you will come across through December is focussed on sales.

Buy this! No, buy this!

And it is easy to get sucked in and join the rush to get your stock in front of your customers. That will get you some sales (probably), but you will be fighting for space in the social media newsfeed with every other business seeing who shouts the loudest.

Make December the month where you stand out with content that gets you noticed for more than just price and a tenuous link to Christmas with our guide of social media post ideas and awareness days.


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Social Media post ideas for December 2018

Saturday 1st December: Small Business Saturday UK; Tree Dressing Day; Decembeard

Sunday 2nd December: 1st human heart transplant 1967, Hannukah

Monday 3rd December: International Day of Disabled Persons; 3D Printing Day

Tuesday 4th December: Wear Brown Shoes Day; National Cookie Day

Wednesday 5th December: International Volunteers Day; Day of the Ninja

Thursday 6th December: St Nicholas Day; Microwave Oven Day

Friday 7th December: Faux Fur Friday; Letter Writing Day

Saturday 8th December: National Brownie Day; Pretend to be a Time Traveller Day

Sunday 9th December: Christmas Card Day; Coronation Street first broadcast on ITV 1960

Monday 10th December: Nobel Prize Day; Dewey Decimal System Day

Tuesday 11th December: International Mountain Day; Unicef established 1946

Wednesday 12th December: Gingerbread House Day

Thursday 13th December: Violin Day

Friday 14th December: Buy a Christmas Tree Day; Christmas Jumper Day

Saturday 15th December: International Tea Day

Sunday 16th December: Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Monday 17th December: Wright Brothers Day

Tuesday 18th December: Answer The Phone Like An elf day; Last day for 2nd class post

Wednesday 19th December: Underdog Day

Thursday 20th December: International Re-gifting day; Sangria Day; Last 1st class post Day

Friday 21st December: International Dalek Remembrance Day; Crossword Puzzle Day

Saturday 22nd December: 70mph speed limit introduced to motorways 1965

Sunday 23rd December: Panic Shopping Day; Festival of Winter Walks

Monday 24th December: Christmas Eve; Eggnog Day

Tuesday 25th December: Christmas Day

Wednesday 26th December: Boxing Day; Thank you Note Day

Thursday 27th December: No Interruptions Day; Fruitcake Day

Friday 28th December: Card Playing day

Saturday 29th December: Pepper Pot Day

Sunday 30th December: Bicarbonate of Soda Day; Bacon Day

Monday 31st December: New Year’s Eve; Make Up Your Mind Day

We’ve created this list to help inspire your content for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts. However, you may find some of the suggestions are a bit “out there” but don’t dismiss them just yet… Just take a look at Innocent Drinks social marketing and see how they use their brand values to make just about anything relevant to their audience like this Black Friday post on Facebook.

Remember our #1 rule: Social media marketing isn’t about selling, it is about being helpful, inspiring, entertaining and memorable for your audience.

Plan Your Social Media Content

Use the calendar of social media ideas here, plan your content and rock your marketing. Keep an eye on your notifications so you don’t miss an opportunity to engage with your audience and become a broadcaster rather than an active participant.

Are there any national awareness days that we’ve missed that you think are useful for small businesses? Let us know in a comment or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag us.