What to post in November 2019

content november 2019

Hang on…. How is it November already?!

October went a little like this:

  • Bake-off one-liners and ties are back on-trend.
  • We survived half-term (just).
  • Halloween treats eaten by the 25th
  • We gained an hour to waste procrastinating about whether to buy more Halloween treats or not.
  • Rugby featured heavily
  • It rained. A lot.

And (hopefully) you had a great month of sales.

Now it’s time to start planning your activity for what’s left of this year so that your followers and customers can engage with you, your brand and your product/service.

Great social media marketing results in ‘meaningful interactions’, so it’s essential to think about what will be interesting and relevant to YOUR audience. We also recommend mixing up your content, so that it’s a healthy mix of factual, funny, thought-provoking, product-led and personality-led. Try and make it easy to relate to and easy to digest.

Below you will find some key events/themes for November, some of which will inspire you for your social media marketing.

Just to be clear, we aren’t suggesting you use each and every one of these ideas.

a) because they won’t all be relevant to your audience

b) your social accounts will be saturated and your engagement rate will drop

c) you will have not time left to actually run your business.

Here we go!


Social media post ideas for November 2019

November – Movember, Novel Writing Month, World Vegan Month, Peanut-Butter Lover’s Month, Men’s Health Awareness Month

1st – Author’s Day, World Vegan Day, All Saint’s Day

2nd – Book Lover’s Day, Rugby World Cup final

3rd – National Sandwich Day, Cliché day,

4th – International Stress Awareness Week, Common Sense Day

5th – Bonfire night, Love Your Red Hair Day

6th – International Stress Awareness Day

7th – Hug a Bear Day, International Stout Day

8th – World Gift Day, Cappucino Day, Guinness World Record Day,

9th – World Freedom Day,

10th – Remembrance Sunday, International Tongue Twister Day

11th – Origami Day, Singles Day

12th – Full moon

13th – World Kindness Day

14th – World Quality Day, Loosen Up Lighten Up Day

15th – National Bundt Day, National Clean Out Your Fridge Day, I Love To Write Day

16th – National Button Day, Fast Food Day, International Games Day

17th – Homemade Bread Day

18th – Self-care Week, Princess Day, Mickey Mouse Day

19th – International Men’s Day, Play Monopoly Day, World Toilet Day, Women Entrepreneurship Day

20th – Universal Children’s Day

21st  – World Hello Day, Beaujolais Nouveau Day, Social Enterprise Day

22nd – Go for a ride Day

23rd – Espresso Day, Family Volunteer Day, Dr Who Day

24th – Stir-up Sunday, Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day,

25th – Blasé Day

26th – National Cake Day,

27th – National Jukebox Day

28th – French Toast Day, Thanksgiving, Red Planet Day

29th – Black Friday, Buy Nothing Day, Customer Is Wrong Day

30th – Climate Action Day, You’re Welcome Day, St Andrew’s Day,


Are there any national awareness days that we’ve missed that you think are useful for small businesses? Let us know in a comment or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, tag us and let us know.

Your Social Media Content Plan For October 2019

October problems:

  • Wet and warm so no coat feels right.
  • Trying to find the optimum moment to go for an Autumn walk before the freshly fallen crisp leaves turn to mulch.
  • Being prepared and looking up how to change the clock on the cooker for when the clocks change, only to realise you gave up in March and it will be right again.
  • Trying to think of stuff to post on your Facebook business page.

Sorry we can’t help with the first 3, but that last one on your list, consider it solved.


october content plan

Coming right up is a list of awareness days, holidays, hashtags that will be trending on specific days in October.

Sometimes it’s hard to think about what you could be posting so thinking beyond what is immediately in front of you and getting inspiration from what your audience might be thinking about is a great place to start.

We know some of these ideas are a bit left field and may not sit with your audience, your business or your industry, but we aren’t suggesting you do every single one of them. After all, it is about timeliness and being relevant and not about setting a new Facebook business page record for the most posts in a month!

So let’s get started!


Social Media post ideas for October 2019

October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Dyslexia Awareness Month, Fair Trade Month, Mental Health Month, The Big Draw, Go Sober for October, Oktoberfest

1st: International Coffee Day, World Vegetarian Day, National Cake Week, Less than Perfect Day, CD Player Day, Homemade Cookie Day

2nd: Random Acts of Poetry Day, World Architecture Day

3rd: National Boyfriend Day, National Poetry Day, Look at the Leaves Day, Techies Day

4th: World Space Week, World Animal Day, World Smile Day, Byte Night, No Disposable Cup Day

5th: World Teachers Day, International Astronomy Day, Do Something Nice Day, James Bond Day, National Storytelling Day

6th: Mad Hatter Day, National Badger Day, Grandparent’s Day

7th: Libraries Week, National Curry Week, Wool Week, World Day of Bullying Prevention, National Work Life Week, Humphreys Pyjama Week, National Braille Week

8th: World Octopus Day, Ada Lovelace Day

9th: World Post Day

10th: World Mental Health Day, World Porridge Day, World Homeless Day, World Sight Day, National Handbag Day

11th: National Coming Out Day, International Day of the Girl, World Egg Day

12th: National Farmers Day, World Arthritis Day

13th: National No Bra Day, Full Moon, Train your Brain Day, National Album Day, International Skeptics Day, International Plain Language Day, Good Samaritan Day, National Yorkshire Pudding Day

14th: Be Bald and Free Day, National School Meals Week, National Adoption Week, Chocolate Week

15th: Face Your Fears Day, National Cake Decorating Day, Global Handwashing Day, National Baking Week, National Pug Day, National Mushroom Day

16th: World Food Day, National Department Store Day, National Dictionary Day, National Learn a Word Day, Steve Jobs Day

17th: Conflict Resolution Day, National Parents Week, World Students Day, World Values Day, Spreadsheet Day

18th: Anti-slavery Day, No Beard Day, World Menopause Day, Global Champagne Day

19th: International Gin and Tonic Day, Evaluate Your Life Day, Wear It Pink, Get to Know Your Customers Day

20th: International Sloth Day, World Osteoporosis Day

21st: Apple Day, Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day, Reptile Awareness Day

22nd: National Nut Day, International Stammering Awareness Day

23rd: 18th anniversay of the Apple iPod (2001)

24th: United Nations Day, World Polio Day, World Development Information Day

25th: World Pasta Day, International Artists Day

26th: Make a Difference Day

27th: National Mentoring Day, Divali Starts, Black Cat Day, Mother In Law Day, Sylvia Plath Day

28th: Daylight Saving Time ends, UK Sausage Week, International Animation Day

29th: Internet Day, National Cat Day

30th: Buy a Doughnut Day, Mischief Night, Checklist Day

31st: Halloween, Day of the Dead, Magic Day, World Cities Day, Museums at Night Festival

Are there any national awareness days that we’ve missed that you think are useful for small businesses? Let us know in a comment or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, tag us and let us know.