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Is Effective Social Media Marketing On Your Christmas Wish List?


OK, we’re going to mention THE C WORD… CHRISTMAS!    

Have you thought about how your business is going to promote its Christmas offering through social media yet?

If you haven’t, STOP AND READ THIS!

We’re entering the noisiest part of the year for promotional and marketing activity, so you need to start planning your social media marketing NOW if you want to cut through the Christmas noise and plant your brand in the minds of your customers.

Great social media marketing is about INSPIRING rather than selling.

It’s about earning the trust of your customers by creating content that’s engaging, informative and entertaining.

The ‘hard sell’ simply doesn’t work if you want to have integrity and longevity with your customer base.

christmas social media ideas

Our Top tips for effective Social Media Marketing this Christmas:

  • Plan ahead: write your content in advance to ensure that it supports your core marketing messages
  • Post consistently: schedule your content ahead of time, so that your followers get regular posts (rather than a flurry of them when you happen to be on your phone)
  • Decide on frequency: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter benefit from different amounts of content.
  • Build in time for engagement: ‘like’ others posts & respond to/acknowledge comments on your posts (people DO notice)
  • Do some “Social listening” look for key words that relate to your product & respond accordingly. It could put you ahead of the competition.

If you’re a retailer, for example, you might want to create posts about:

  • Your Christmas range (with a few hints about what’s included)
  • How to wrap gifts (sharing a tutorial from another account is fine).
  • Christmas day hosting tips & tricks
  • Partywear inspiration
  • Christmas funnies (if they relate to your product or brand)

Christmas social media gift wrapped

Still not sure about what to post?

Why not give us your email address (& subscribe to our emails) and we’ll send you our FREE Social Media content planner.

If you’ve still got questions, we can go deeper and help you on a 1-2-1 level.

We can SHOW YOU how to:

  • Create effective content (that’s inspiring)
  • Schedule that content (so you’re ahead of the game)
  • Run an effective Facebook Ad Campaign (so you don’t waste precious budget)
  • Utilise keywords properly (so that you’re hitting all the right SEO notes)

So if effective social media marketing is on your Christmas wish-list GET IN TOUCH WITH US (sooner rather than later).


Santa’s little (Social Media) helpers!

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