Social Media doesn’t take a holiday

pink inflatable flamingoHow are those holiday plans coming along? Have you booked your flights and accommodation? Is your holiday money sorted? Have you been bikini shopping? No need to answer that!

Summer holidays are looked forward to for months on end but as a small business owner, while you are away, chances are your business takes a holiday too. When you return from your holiday, how long does it take to get back on track? A day, a few days, a few weeks?

How long does it take for your social media activity to pick up again and your marketing to start landing?

Breaking news… social media doesn’t take a holiday.

While you are sunning yourself by the pool, taking in the sights and wining and dining, you are missing sales opportunities, customer service requests and new deals if you aren’t keeping an eye on your social media.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You could ensure all your social media account notifications are switched on and check in 2 or 3 times a day to reply to questions, search your keywords, see what the competition are doing, create new content for your audience and chat to some new contacts.

So what’s it to be? Do nothing and enjoy some well-earned rest, or keep checking in and not really relax?

Clue: doing nothing is not an option. Customers will go elsewhere. Facebook response time will drop affecting where you appear in the search results, and your brand reputation could be damaged by poor customer service.

Solution: you could get a social media sitter for your holiday.

Yes, it is a thing, at least it is now.

You can go on holiday safe and secure in the knowledge that your social media is being managed professionally, your customers are not being left hanging and when you return you will have a list of prospects that are expecting you to contact them.

Doesn’t that sound relaxing?

If you are planning a holiday and relishing your precious time away, let Retail Post take care of your social media.

We can post content for you, engage with your followers, monitor your brand mentions and, in short, ensure that your social media marketing doesn’t falter while you are away and your audience remain engaged.

If this sounds preferable to a social media account lying dormant, get in touch with one of the team today and book your social media holiday, from just £125 per week.