Love it or Hate it – Social Media

If there was ever a day to watch how brands use the power of social media to elevate their positioning, jump on the band wagon, or just simply take a pop at the competition, it is the day #MarmiteGate erupts.

The pricing row between Unilever who want to put up their prices due to the weakness of the pound, and Tesco who want to keep their prices low has reached a stalemate. Unilever have stopped supply of some of the nations favourite brands to the nations favourite supermarket and this includes Marmite.

Twitter reacted.

vegemite tweet

Vegemite tweet now deleted







While some of the links are tenuous, yes I am looking at you Henry Pryor, timeliness and humour in this instance have got these brands noticed in a hot trending topic.

The other thing to note is that these tweets are all visual. An image will always get your content noticed before the wittiest tweet. We are drawn to visual references and this includes a fast stream of tweets. As of this moment, 13th Oct 2016, #Marmitegate is trending at number one in the UK and anyone searching that hashtag will have thousands of tweets to look at. Make yours stand out with a photo, a gif, a video.

Finally, fast marketing reactions don’t just happen on social media. Well done Poundland for your quick printing!

For help with your social media marketing, for a social media marketer that’s quick off the mark, for saving you the constant pressure of knowing what to post, give me a call. Will work for Marmite.