Quality Over Quantity In Social Media

Are you talking to an empty room?

Getting followers for your social media account is easy. Just spend $50 with one of those accounts that followed you last night, you know the ones, they can get you 1000 genuine followers in 24 hours.

So what’s all the fuss about?

Let’s take a step back to when you made the decision to market your business on social media. Why did you decide to do that?

What was the objective you set for yourself? Was it to get 1000 followers in 24 hours? If that was your objective, 2 things:

  1. Why? So what? and
  2. Stop reading and go and spend $50.

If you are still with me it is probably because you set a measurable objective that had sales growth at its core.

So why don’t you want to buy 1000 followers? Because it is extremely unlikely that any one of them will want to buy from you.

Put it another way, what would you rather? 1000 followers who have no intention of buying from you, or 100 followers, all of whom have chosen to follow you because they believe you have a product, a service, an opinion, advice, expertise that they can benefit from.

Those 100 followers are more than happy to tell their friends about your product too. By the way, their friends are real too. They followed them because they relate to each other.

Unless you have built a quality audience, social media marketing is like talking to an empty room. You are wasting your time and your efforts.

quality over quantity blog

Which is why I am an advocate of quality not quantity.

You want engaged followers, people that can become brand advocates, will share your posts with their followers and friends, spreading the word and attracting business to you.

So how do you find those followers? By posting quality content, engaging with your followers, offering great customer service, by being a quality account.

If you need any help in creating or finding content for your audience, or identifying your audience in the first place, go ahead and give me a call.

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